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SETBACK - A Short Script Needs You! (Pt1)

 Article written by Bulent Ozdemir

(Disclaimer: This article contains words and phrases that some people may find offensive. If you are easily offended then please do not continue)

Christian Bale: American Psycho (2000)

"Ozdemir has some intriguing ideas about looking deeper than the filmic surface – something that all filmmakers should start thinking about.." In Production - Brett Gerry Films

I'm writing this article in search of a small group of talented actors, actresses and Independent filmmakers willing to collaborate on an Interesting yet somewhat twisted little short film. 

Set Back is a short script I wrote within 24hrs of having the initial Idea and weighs in at a mammoth, wait for it... 5 pages! *Ahem* - The story looks at a day in mans life who through a series of baffling events discovers the body of a murdered young female. Though he informs the relevant authorities of this tragic event, he finds himself locked up and protesting his Innocence.

The Initial Idea for Set Back came whilst taking a break from writing my James Cameron Inspired Sci-Fi short K.O.S (more on that later). Oh wait, did I just say whilst taking a break? I'm sorry, what I meant to say was whilst bashing my head against a wall and screaming like a 2yr old in need of a fresh diaper! Oh the joy of writing..

For some reason my mind kinda drifted in and out of these 'what if' scenarios. What if I was walking down the street and I was asked for some help. What if the person asking for the help was an attractive looking lady? What if that lady then said something quite out of the ordinary? How would YOU react?

This leads me nicely into the opening extract of my script:

Email: wolfvalleyfilms@gmail.com for further Info

There are subtle layers in the full script that I'm sure will feed the exploratory minds of those who look a little deeper than the literal words.

After some great feedback and Input, the final draft is complete and ready for production (Special thanks also goes out to a fantastic screenwriter who's knowledge and guidance will always be appreciated - you know who you are).

I'm looking to build a small team of Individuals who share the same passions and aspirations as I do, that is, to make films. Those who like to collaborate. Those who understand that It's not always about "How much you gonna pay me" but who see the long term benefits of lending a hand. People like Robbie Byrne, a talented young actor who's already attached himself to this project. The small but fantastic group of family and friends who are generous enough to spare their time. You, the collective. I truly believe there is something in this script that will reap unexpected rewards for all those involved. 

A quick breakdown of Intention and who I need:

  • Shoot 5 pages of script in 4 locations 
  • 3 Male Actors (25-45yrs old)   Acquired
  • 1 Pretty Female (18-35yrs)   Acquired
  • 1 Short & Quirky Indian Lady (45+)  Acquired
  • 1 HDSLR Director of Photography   Acquired
  • 1 Sound Person  Acquired

    Principle photography will start in approximately 4-6weeks take has now been scheduled for the 25th & 26th of July.  

    This will be a zero budget affair (Though food/drinks will be supplied on the day) and is relying on the generosity of those who don't mind rolling up their sleeves and helping out on what I see as a mutually beneficial project.

    Drop me an email: wolfvalleyfilms@gmail.com and let's get this show on the road!

    ** Principle Photography for Set Back wrapped 01/08/2011 **

    NEXT: SETBACK - A Journey from Script to Screen (Pt2)



    Bulent Ozdemir Director Filmmaker
    Bulent Ozdemir is a self taught Writer, Director and Filmmaker who left his day job as an insurance broker back in 2010 to pursue a career in film.


    e: bulentfilms[at]gmail.com

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