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Controversy is a Short Script Called 'PROMISED'

Article written by Bulent Ozdemir

(DisclaimerThis article contains words and phrases that some people may find offensive. If you are easily offended then please do not continue)

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  1. Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
  2. Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

Faith is a highly sensitive subject matter and one that to this very day causes wars, acts of terrorism and inhumane violence. It also forms the basis of the most controversial short film I will probably ever make - 'PROMISED'

The story is set in a real world environment and touches upon a certain promise one Archangel made to another before the creation of Man. A moment that would change the fate of these two 'brothers' for eternity.

Let me enlighten you a little further with a fictional back story:

Before God created Man he created the spectrum of Love & Fear, the foundation on which humanity would exist. He'd hold the opposing end of 'Fear' known as 'Love' and asked that one of his Angels hold the other. This was so that Man could learn by contrast how to experience the Love that HE IS. Every single Angel refused for fear of duality with the creator, except for one (I think you know where I'm going with this). This pleased God Immensely as it was his brightest creation who came forth. Before this Angel left, he asked his closest 'brother' to promise him that no matter what happened, he would never change his view of him. The 'brother' knelt on one knee, bowed his head and made that promise.

For a few years now I've dabbled with the idea of creating a film which throws a different light on how Angels are perceived, but not really in the context of how I've written this script. This is far darker than I'd ever Imagined and one that quite frankly puts a couple of knots in my stomach. 

'PROMISED' will be a layered story as with most of my scripts but not as complex as 'SETBACK'. This will be a more linear story, one that will pack a punch and hopefully something you've not seen before :)

Here's a sample extract from the shooting draft: 

'PROMISED' Script Extract ©Wolf Valley Films 2011

So far the feedback has been great, but you kinda know you've pushed the boundaries when a comment like "Now that is FUCKING dark" comes up!

The main aim of this blog is to make the masses aware of the projects existence. It is going to be a controversial story but one that I feel deserves to be told. I may even look to source the production externally but really depends on how protective I get :D 

That's all for now guys. If this project has sparked an Interest in your mind and you wish to find out more/get Involved then please feel free drop me a line:

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Nb: 'Promised' officially wrapped on March 15th 2012



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