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'PROMISED' - A True Collaboration

Article written by Bulent Ozdemir
(DisclaimerThis article contains words and phrases that some people may find offensive. If you are easily offended then please do not continue)

From left to right: Bulent Ozdemir, Remie Purtill-Clarke, Annarita Melina, Alan Stenson & Andrew Dowbiggin

3 out of the 5 people in the above picture are actors. The remaining 2 (Plus the person taking the picture) are crew. We had a shoe string budget for food, a donation that I made personally to the location and balls the size of monkey fists.

But none of the above matters. The reality is that no one really cares about how your film is made or the blood, sweat and tears that goes into the process. It's all about end result. The reason I mention these numbers is because I feel my super small team deserves to be highlighted for their efforts.

The Cast:

Alan Stenson
Andrew Dowbiggin
Remie Purtill-Clarke

I hadn't worked with Alan or Remie before, but Andrew played the lead in my previous short film 'Setback'. All three talented individuals showed true professionalism and drive even when the shoot was hitting the unholy hours of early morning. They were committed, hard working and got on with the job at hand. No bitching, no moaning, just doing. In your face, Nike!

(Having completed the edit, I can tell you now that they did an incredible job).

The Crew:

Bulent Ozdemir
Annarita Melina
Halime Ozdemir

The Music:

Saul James

Here's a little food for thought:

Annarita is a qualified makeup artist/textile print designer who doubled up as our sound recordist. Had she done sound before? Nope. Never. She picked it up on the day. Did she do a good job? Nope. She did a fan-fuckin-tastic job.

Halime is a professional gallery coordinator handling the logistics of priceless Art around the world. She was our location manager/clapper maiden. Had she done these things before? Nope. Never. Did she do a good job? Fuck yes with chip and dip.

Bulent (That would be me). I'm the Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Producer of this short. I can't comment on myself therefore it is up to the individuals who see this film to decide how I did.

Nb: I was actually approached by a professional DOP who having read the script used words such as "Wow!...  Love to hear more..." Heard nothing back when I said I'd love to have them on board but couldn't pay them. So I went with the original plan and took on the task myself. I'm no pro, but I like to think I have an eye for detail :)

The point of all is that we as a collective went out there and made a short film with the tools that we had at our disposal. No excuses, just good old fashion indie filmmaking. I hope everyone is as proud as I am of what we have achieved with such little resources. Making 'Promised' was indeed a true collaboration.

Status: COMPLETED (May 2012)

Official Website
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Frank Veenstra

Here's how it all began - Controversy is a Short Script Called 'PROMISED'



Bulent Ozdemir Director Filmmaker
Bulent Ozdemir is a self taught Writer, Director and Filmmaker who left his day job as an insurance broker back in 2010 to pursue a career in film.

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