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Thursday, 15 August 2013

5 Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Day Job

Article written by Bulent Ozdemir
(DisclaimerThis article contains words and phrases that some people may find offensive. Please do not continue if easily offended)

I was recently contacted by a friend who is seriously considering quitting there day job to pursue a path into filmmaking. They wanted some pointers from someone who was crazy enough to do this --> ME.

Though I don't have the exact answers, here are 5 thoughts I shared with them, and now with you, from my own personal experiences:

1. Know What You Want: 

Sounds simple enough, but it's something you must be sure of before starting your journey. Do you want to be a successful Screenwriter? Director? Cinematographer? Pimp? It's GOT to be specific. Theoretically speaking, it'll be your guiding light in the dark.

Nb: Mine was "I want to make films." In hindsight, this was too much of a broad brush stroke.