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Friday, 4 November 2016

Chasing Amy, Tom, Dick and Ahmed

Article written by Bulent Ozdemir
(DisclaimerThis article contains words and phrases that some people may find offensive. Please do not continue if easily offended)


"That mother-fucker STILL hasn't got back to me!"

Good morning, day or evening, inter-peeps. How many times have you torn yourself into little pieces over such words? I'm not just talking about that script you sent over to someone, that actor who liked your idea, that peer who couldn't be more up for it or that producer who was all up in your junk over a project. I'm talking about the many energy vampires we seem to stumble across throughout our filmmaking journey. The "Talkers".


Film noir street choked with fog.  

Planted under a shaft of light -- A SILHOUETTE.  Man, Woman or Beast.  Nobody knows.  Just then, JOE FILM-AKER cuts across the damp, cobbled street.  

Nods on approach, eyes unable to make out the murky figure.